Societies Clubs

Societies Clubs

Whenever anybody visits any important place, sites, museum, historical place of importance, one always sees a big sized photograph telling a lot of things related to that very particular place. Same is true for schools, colleges and other educational institutes. Only that school or college can have good photograph or gallery which had glorious past, excellent academic result, achievement and other curricular activities .You can have a lot of information about BRCM Public School, Vidyagram, when you have a slight glance at our photograph or photo gallery.
Even in ancient Indian education system ,art/craft used to be given due respect because even in those days ,rishis knew it very well that true education could not be imparted only through learning verses and solving arithmetic .Pupils were trained in art/craft which used to facilitate the other mental faculties of students.
BRCM  still believes in it and it has been very much in our practice ,encouraging students in art/craft.As per the new syllabus ,introduced by CCE,every chapter is taught through art/craft activity work, getting students involved in it and opening the new doors of opportunity for students.BRCM particularly sees to it that enough time and attention is given to it.
It is very true that if every student can demonstrate or exhibit what much he knows, he will certainly be successful in every walk of life. Dramatization /role play is a very important tool for teaching students. Every week, we have one or the other role play/dramatization for each subject. Here students demonstration on the stage what they have been taught in class room. this way ,students never forget things  taught in class and become a lifelong experience for  them.
Goddess Saraswati is the goddess for learning and music .There is wide scope of studies and research in music. Music may be studied and taught as an important subject and one student may opt for it as an important subject.BRCM sees to it that the love and interest of students for music is nourished properly. we make sure that we have expert faculties ,all musical instruments and conduction of music show time to time. We have such big musical department and we have such talented students that we can boast of.
In this 21st century ,the education, with the introduction of smart education system ,demands of paper is reduced but still one can’t think of education without pen and paper. We encourage students to use papers judiciously. We are also liable to this great demand of papers which is ultimately obtained from forests which are already disappearing at a fast rate. To alleviate this mounting pressure ,we have our own recycling plant. The waste and thrown papers are collected and recycled to make papers which are again used by our students and we save environment from pollution and become participant of ecofriendly environment.
The archaeologists department plays a vital role in unveiling the mysteries and explores unknown facts. When the important historical things are unearthed and brought into public notice ,we come to know a lot about our past. Sometime we see the original antiques but at times it becomes difficult to have access of those things. To overcome this, we have our own ceramics workshop where our own students make models such as, pots, jewellery, cave painting, coinage, fossils and human or animal remains with such things our students relate themselves with the studies directly
Wood must not be confined only to carpenters. It is an important device /tool for imparting quality education. For this reason, we have wood workshop, where students are trained to develop different models, desizn, and different size of architecture which were very much in use in ancient India and  Mughal dynasty.
It is said that charity begins at home and for the boarders, school is their first home. They  learn everything here and  here we teach them how to be social to  have kindness,love,and compassion for the poor and destitute. Here students are taken to the areas where poor people live and struggle for a square meal. After visiting such places, students develop soft corner and feeling for the needy and they organise donation camp and distribute their clothes, pair of shoes, books and, notes. They also assure them for any kind of assistance. Sometime, students come out making procession teaching and demonstrating basic and elementary things ,like health ,hygiene ,traffic rules and about the environment. 
It is very true that sitting at home ,we can’t teach students the skill of battle field and how to be brave and valiant .For the same reason, we take the students out for adventure camp and club. We arrange for mountaineering, difficult terrain walking, rafting and boating, forest adventure to make them brave enough to face the difficulties and hardship of life. Jawaharlal Nehru rightly said that “Life is not a bed of roses but it is a bed of thorn.”We must be prepared to face the challenges of life. If our students want peace in life, they must be ready for war.
This is the age of electronics and communication. That age old system of has gone when education was imparted through chalk and blackboard. Now it is the age of electronics media and we have implemented the smart education system. It is very true and hundred percent right that students love net surfing rather than browsing books at library. At the click of mouse, students can have the access of any encyclopaedia. Students can share their idea and views with any students sitting at any part of the world. We enable students to have all excess to internet. Same is true for class room teaching. Every class is fitted with smart kits. Teachers find it easy to teach through smart kit and students love to be taught by this electronic media.