Principal Desk

Principal Desk

Transforming Learning, Transforming Lives
The world is at a jucture where there is dire need for each individual to be aware of the latest development taking place at the global frontand be the active participant in it: resolute and committed to bring a sea change in social environment as per the amplifyingtransition in his contemporary world.  A modern child who has the access to the ultra modern gadgets, is well informed  and much advanced than his predecessors.  So to train him for the platform of modernity, it is incumbent upon three people with whom he shares his maximum valuable time. And they are - the teacher, the father and the mother.  "This triangle indeed is the real role model for him" was the reply given by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, to a question raised by a child, during one of his visits to a School, in Tripura.
We, at BRCM, believe that Schools are living organizations that influence lives of students.  Thus, every institution must build its own ethos and environment, which are in perfect alignment with its core values, ethics and principles.  Therefore, we sincerely endeavour to understand the needs of our students, and that of the society at large.
For that reason, our children need to be armed with the power of distinguishing between the right and the wrong, with the ability to demarcate knowledge attained and the wisdom gained, through education.  The dire need of the present times is to equip them to traverse the unexplored global terrain with ease, strengthened by values, ethics, confidence and above all positivity.

Mr. Mukul Bhandari