Others Facilities

Others Facilities

RO WATER PLANT - It has been studied world wide that in most cases infections are transmitted because of poor drinking water facilities. The Drinking water supplied in the campus is treated in an in-house Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant to ensure the safe, infection free living conditions in Vidyagram.

WET CANTEEN - The School canteen remains open during the afternoon time for about two hours and it is ensured that the students consume wholesome snacks, soft drinks, hot refreshments and other fresh items. The canteen serves the students throughout the day time on Sundays and other special occasions. The students can avail the canteen facility by exchanging the coupons / ID card provided to them on weekly basis. This system restrains the student to become extravagant and also inculcates a sense of being health conscious.

TAILOR SHOP - The School has a tailor shop where all items of Uniform and Casual wear are stitched at reasonable rates.

BARBER SHOP - There is a hair cutting saloon in the School premises where the student can have regular hair cut.

TUCK SHOP - The Schools stationery and general items store caters to all the needs of the students including books, stationery, toiletry and other such essentials.

Diary Farm - Keeping in mind health and need of our students under a unit of Hari Krishna Chaudhary Foundation Trust had  started the Dairy Farm project under the name of Urmila Chaudhary Dairy Farm with the latest Israeli technology, which  was inaugurated on 03 October, 2013 by Shri Jatin Prasada, who is an Indian politician from Indian National Former Minister of State for Human Resource Development, the Dairy Farm was made operational in June, 2014. All technical support is provided through Afimilk, Inida who is the global leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing advanced computerized systems for the modern dairy farm and for herd management .Presently, we have 150 cows producing around 1000 liters of milk per day. By the end of this session, we have a plan to have 50 cows and later on we will have plan to produce value added dairy products such as paneer, butter milk, ghee, etc to meet out the daily requirements of Annapurna Mess.