About Activities

About Activities

The School’s curriculum has been designed to develop leadership, spirit of adventure, inquisitiveness, self reliance & self esteem. Students are encouraged to pursue their area of interest by joining various Societies and Clubs.

There is a wide range of hobbies and activities to choose from: 

1 Dance Room
2 Music Room
3 Brass Band Room
4 National Cadet Corps (NCC)
5 Art and Painting Room
6 Paper Craft Work Room
7 Metal Craft Room
8 Wood Craft Room
9 Photography Lab
10 Clay Modeling Room
11 Ceramics Room
12 Paper Recycling Room
13 Robotics Lab
14 English Language Lab
15 Sculpture Room
16 Tour & Treks
17 Winter/Summer Camps


The House system ensures a healthy atmosphere of Inter House scholastic and non-scholastic competitions at the Junior, Middle and Senior level. The intramural and extramural activities throw open new vistas of learning to all students. The school is a regular participant at various IPSC Inter School Competitions, events and competitions organized by CBSE and host of activities held under the aegis of reputed national and international agencies (UNESCO, Mathematics Olympiad, Science Olympiad etc.)

The school emphasizes on the overall development of the students. Students at BRCM get ample opportunities to use their creativity and develop their talents.

Through a multitude of avenues, the students are able to exercise their creative faculties and develop new avenues of potential in them.